Equilibrium Health LLC

Equilibrium Health LLC is a dependable provider of telepsychiatry and mental health services in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, for people with psychiatric disorders. It has always been our desire to help people achieve a better version of themselves through our guidance and support. Being able to become a part of a support system in changing the lives of others really means a lot, not only for the individuals we cater to but also for us.

woman expressed depression

Mission Statement

We are committed to working with our clients using our mental health expertise by creating a comprehensive plan or therapy to improve their quality of life. It is our passion to reach out to those who need professional intervention for their mental health and well-being.

Vision Statement

We see ourselves as one of the go-to and leading providers of mental healthcare and telepsychiatry services. We aim to support thousands of people and create a positive impact on their lives one step at a time.

woman undergo checkup